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My Struggles Learning Macrame

My Struggles Learning Macrame

Learning Fiber Art the Hard Way

The truth is, I am self taught when it comes to fiber art. I had lots of struggles along my journey learning how to macrame. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to design macrame DIY kits. I wanted to give others the opportunity to learn to macrame and eliminate those struggles I had while learning. 


Where do I Find Rope?

One of my struggles was where to buy the right kind of rope! Since I was new to macrame, I didn’t want to invest in a tons of rope and pay high prices for shipping. I just wanted the amount I needed for my project. I went to all my local craft stores and couldn’t find the quality of cotton rope that I wanted. Our kits include high quality rope that is eco-friendly, entirely made with recycled cotton, made from cotton fabrics from the garment industry. It is strong, soft and frays easily to make beautiful fringe. 


I found rope, but how much do I need? 

This brings me to my next pain point, how much rope did I need to complete my project?? I can’t tell you how many projects I started and then ran out of rope before I completed it! So frustrating. We have taken the guesswork out of the equation for you by carefully measuring out exactly how much rope you will need to complete your project.


Instructions aren't always easy!

And lastly, I wanted to make sure that our instructions were CLEAR and simple, with lots of images. Since many people are visual learners, we also have support videos on all the common knots available on our website to help support your journey.